Power Projects

Power Projects

Superior Engineering & Services (SES) concentrates on the international and domestic Electric Power market as its major goal. Constructing, operating & upgrading Transmission Lines are the major undertakings of SES. We have all the technical know-how and expertise to manage such projects irrespective of the site conditions, situations or the voltage levels because we are second generation in this business. Our story starts from SCC (Shakeel Construction Company) that was owned by our family and SCC did many projects from early 80,s to till 2000 in Pakistan and many other gulf and Asian countries then due misshape company was taken over by other management. Shortly we have inherited OHTL  business techniques and technicalities. Now we are working in Pakistan since 2009 with name of Superior Engineering & Services (SES) and in UAE WAK Electromechanical Works LLC. In UAE and in Pakistan we have many land mark projects on our profile which are mentioned below and in UAE we have done sufficient business till now and now we are eager to work more on large scale.


SES has efficient and skillful crews, who have vast, experience of towers of 660KV, 500KV, 220KV and 132KV Transmission Lines with expertise, perfection and precision.

  • Line route survey works
  • Tower stacking works
  • Soil investigation
  • Tower conventional foundation works
  • Piling and pile cap and pile beam works
  • Tower assembling and erection works
  • Tower tightening and inspection
  • Conductor stinging works
  • Pulling (conductor, OPGW) works
  • Sagging (conductor, OPGW) works
  • OPGW splicing works
  • Test and commissioning works
  • Store yard management
Superior Engineering & Services

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